Bed Bugs Infestation in Toronto

Bed Bugs torontoBed bugs infestation in Toronto is one of the city’s most irksome problems, which simply does not go away. Most residents are advised to call the local health authorities or consult a pest control company to evaluate whether or not their homes have been infested by bed bugs. Identifying the bed bug problem is clearly the first step to solving it. (more…)

Graffiti Cleanup

Graffiti CleanupIt is great to see the Spring initiatives to remove illegal graffiti around the city.

Graffiti is turning into a problem in Toronto and property owners that find their buildings spray painted can have to spend thousands in power-washing and repainting – only to be tagged again days later. Perhaps there is a need for tighter fules against graffiti.

In Toronto a property owner is required by law to remove illegal graffiti.

Are there ways for local businesses to manage things better so they do not become targets of illegal graffiti?

Sustainable Condo Buildings

Sustainable CondoA condominium is an apartment or a large building where each part is owned by individual owners. The real estate dealers used to deal with such condominium buildings. They used to buy a whole condo at hugely popular places of a country at the very beginning and that they begin to sell it part by part to the customers. Many people come to stay as tenants under those condominium buildings. The joint owners of a single condominium building should felicitate the access to the common facilities equally, for e.g. the stairs, elevators, terrace, etc. In case of the garage system, the individual owners need to purchase their respective slots before parking their cars. (more…)

The Benefits of Urban Parks

parkUrban parks are indispensable in any given city around the world. They have many advantages or benefits thus they should be highly advocated for. Some of the benefits of having urban parks are straightforward though they serve the purpose for many people. At times, people may be meeting with others, and they may feel it best to wait for them outside a hotels or cafeterias. As opposed to standing on the streets and at the station, they can wait for them in the urban parks. This will offer them a chance to interact with nature as they can sit down and enjoy the breeze around the park. You can read more about urban parks here. (more…)

How Can Businesses Be More Socially Responsible

Palm with a plant growng from pile of coinsBeing socially responsible entails thinking of others, the environment and the community other than thinking about the profitability of the business. Small businesses are not excluded in this practice. They actually play a prominent role in the community as they influence the members of the society on being socially responsible. This is because they are often the gathering places of members of the community.
The small businesses need to be more socially responsible by: (more…)

Exploring Urban Wildlife In Toronto

Is not it a quite surprising fact that, this is the century where humanity realizes the significance of nature and valuables? Yes! Most of us actually start to miss the urban-nature and appreciate the idea of it. Now, anyone who is passionate about the urban wildlife does not hesitate. Just pack your kit and run to Toronto for an exciting urban wildlife in Toronto.

Here are some fascinating historical truths about Toronto’s urban wildlife. Toronto’s public transport system was horse powered earlier, and it had an exceedingly long run in their history. The east upper side of Toronto is known as the cabbage town because of the huge cultivation of cabbage and other vegetables. Since the Toronto’s urban wild life is well taken care of, their road accidents too properly taken care of since the victims are mostly animals or birds. Toronto has various groups of naturalists who promotes the nature and its treasure in most effective ways. The foremost naturalist group of Toronto is ‘Toronto Field Naturalist’ who has associated with other groups like Ontario Nature, Toronto parks and Recreation, Toronto Green community, etc. (more…)

What Is a Sustainable Community

Sustainable communities are ones that are created around the values of enhancing community elements by integrating economic, social and environmental objectives. The elements  such housing, education, the natural environment, health, accessibility and the arts are all in the forefront of all such community initiatives.

All community issues are interconnected and must be looked at as a whole. There needs to be a vision before such a community is established, a vision that is driven by a clear strategy. Many cities around the world do a great job at bringing their citizens together and thus defining a community’s course in sustainability. These initiatives are based on culture, heritage and celebrations, and civic engagement.